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Originally, we formed this Blog to freely express our opinions of Football (originally located at The Loser With Socks Blog ( specializes in content, commentary and comedy about the Tennessee Volunteers and their SEC rivals. We have more than 3.5 million unique visitors (as of  June 2009) since combining our Blogger and WordPress Blogs.

The site’s content and its writers have been featured onG oVolsxtra, AJC,  Sports Illustrated, Washington Post, the Tim Brando XM Radio Show, ESPN’s Colin Cowherd, AOL Sports Bloggers Live, EDSBS, DeadSpin and across the internet.

The site’s coverage isn’t limited to football. We cover basketball, baseball and broader university news.  Our writers are located across the country– Denver CO, Dallas TX, Birmingham AL, Dothan AL, Bristol TN/VA and Memphis– but they still manage to scoop on the reg.

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About LWS, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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  1. mystarbucks

    This picture is truly awesome!!! where did you get it.

  2. Jai Eugene

    Phil fulmer dot com

  3. GallaVol

    I decided to go public with this website as el brujo. I hope that the rest of my Volquest buddies see that I am "out of the closet"

  4. Volsforever

    I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who ordered one the Josten's, UT national champ rings.

  5. Kristin

    my thoughts exactly

  6. Purple Tiger 006

    I'm an LSU alum and fan. I first found your site from Boy, am I glad I've come to your site. You guys know your stuff and you present your information in a witty and interesting way. Keep up the good work guys and believe me, I'm pulling for y'all when you're not playing the Tigers.

  7. Lusidvicel

    Hello, i love! Let me in, please :)

  8. Choo Choo City Hit Man

    Lewis rocks!!!!!!!!!

  9. Admin

    Blog Admin,

    Please shoot us an email.....

  10. ar blackman

    you, sir, are a filthy liar and you are looking to get sued.

  11. hokieg

    What is up with our conference in the bowls. AU wins only cause Neb. has a ex-Raider as their head coach (nice fake punt), UT gets rolled by PSU, Bama is beaten by the other team in OK, Arkansas looks like a cream puff. Thank god for UGA (awesome comeback), UK whooped up on Clemson and Spurrier barely beats UH who lost to Louisiana- Lafayette. Not exactly building a strong case for best conference. Hopefully my LSU Tigaas will be motivated (maybe Saban signing on with Bama tommorow morning) will piss them off enough to kill the Irish. Cause at this point, I'm not exactly convinced that they're really ready to play tommorow.

  12. hokieg

    P.S. this is one damn excellent and funny site re: one of my favorite topics year round- SEC football.

    Go Tigers (not Geaux since it's such a "gay" tradition here at LSU)

  13. Jack Crevizzle

    Alabama to hire anyone. Film at eleven.

  14. Eli

    That's one damn ugly mutt. He'd make a nice meal for a Gator.

  15. Phil Fullyet?mer

    Get outta the way. That my lunchras!! I gotz to eat

  16. patrickdonohue

    Hey Jai,

    I'd be happy to contribute as a guest blogger every once and a while if that would be cool with you.

  17. Your father

    Yeah, Chris Leak is rumored to have scored an 8 on the Wonderlic. And he still managed to outsmart and outplay the Vols the last 2 years. While Chris Leak was winning a National Championship, Tennessee was licking their wounds after getting beaten by the fourth best team in the Big 10. Impressive.

  18. Dave T

    For your picture files

  19. Dave T

  20. marcys

    I could write about baseball. Check out my site and the Baseball page (but I haven't written anything on bb in almost a year; give me 12 more days!)

    How do I submit something?

    Marcy Sheiner

  21. that is me

    good job

  22. Brock Landers

    I'm honored to be on this blog. Thanks fellas. You've been added to the roll.

  23. tennesee: loser with socks

    We know hes a loser, but where are his socks?

  24. Jai Eugene

    Learn to spell, dickweed

  25. Master Robbins

    My boy at junkmailsuperstar@yahoo.comwants to debat eyou on your Ed Orgeron article. He loves Ed orgeron...and he thinks your a faggot!

  26. gatorman1

    This is the funniest site I have ever seen. I am a gator fan and this still makes me laugh. Freedom, how some of our species abuse it!

  27. Jai Eugene

    Gatorman, that freedom comment is a keeper

  28. Elvi Patterson!

    Bea Arthur wants you to know that she gave Joe Paterno a handjob at Brown.

  29. Nathan

    7-6, Shreveport, and the La. Monroe Warhawks I think that's really all I need to say


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  31. Harrison Newkirk

    Hey Guys,
    Great video parodying the olympic mascots the "fuwa"
    Hope you like it-

  32. sportsjesus

    Best Signs Seen on ESPN College Gameday- Atlanta

    first college gameday sign report

    i did not know wher to postb this on your site , you can link it if you want

  33. rtvol

    how do I submit a pic of a chick?

  34. Jai Eugene

  35. Linda

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  36. happy valley

    Tennessee sucks. Go Penn State.....!

  37. UT@k Viles

    Your blogsite is the worst impersonation of Every Day Should Be Saturday I've ever seen... Please give up because you'll never be half of what they are at the least.

  38. Venice Beach John

    On the About LWS page I was hoping to see something about what the phrase Losers With Socks means?

    I give up.

  39. Matt

    Will you be at this weekend’s game?

    If you’re going to be at the game this Saturday in Alabama stop by the CBS College Sports Network SEC Tailgate.

    Starting at 10am from the lawn of Doster Hall we will have free giveaways, temporary tattoos, cheer cards, activities, and more.

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    Join Coach Fulmer, Dave Baker and Richard Todd for pre-game analysis, interviews, and a taste of everything that makes college football in the south the best in the country.

    And if you can’t make it to the Tailgate, be sure to watch the show on CBS College Sports Network from 2-3pm ET. Go to to find what channel we’re on in your area.

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  41. Lkimlrwp

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