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Sep 08

If TAMU is the SEC’s 13th, Who Will Be the SEC’s 14th?

girls laughing copy

First, this isn’t about who should be, who I’d like it to be, etc… This is about what realistically makes the most sense.  I know a lot of Eers fans that read this blog won’t understand that, or any of you stoned out Gator fans, but fucking deal with it. You can rule out Va …

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Jan 14

LWS at the BCS Championship Game


Some thoughts and random first-hand observations from the BCS Championship Game: In the Nike vs. Under Armour war, Click Clack came out on top.  Yes, Nike paid for a laser to blast Oregon shit onto Camelback Mtn., but Under Armour went All In for Auburn.  In addition to these planes circling over the stadium area for …

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Nov 16

Fuck You

To the Ole Miss fan who was talking shit to me while I was trying to get a motherfucking chicken-on-a-stick and a Crispito for the first time in 2 years after Auburn tapped that Black Bear ass by 20 pts.  Fuck you.  You ruined my Chicken-on-a-stick and Crispito experience.  They don’t have chicken-on-a-stick and crispitos …

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Jun 21

Gates in the Wild


This classic Gator pair was spotted at the Houston airport headed to Jacksunvill’.  Double fist those Diet Cokes, Gator.  They’ll cancel out the two Big Macs you chowed down.  BTW, NICE FUCKING JORTS! Expect more pictures of Gators in their natural habitat as I am in BFE, Florida this week.  GO GATORS GO!!!

Feb 22

Dumbass State Rednecks

MSU Baseball Schedule

(HT to WidespreadPanicReb for the pic) Do they teach spelling at Mississippi State?  I guess not.  Overheard in the left field lounge at Doody Noble Field… Bubba:  Hey Billy Ray, how’s did they teach us how to spell our state back in school? Billy Ray:  You mean that crooked letter hump back thang? Bubba:  Yeah, …

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