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Do we need Bama’s leftovers?

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Do we need Bama’s leftovers? I say yes. As much as we here at LWS loved Derek Dooley and his game calling, he really didn’t seem to understand the recruiting process. It was like he thought he was still trying to get kids to come to Ruston.  What follows is a quick scan of the Tennessee roster for 2013:

0 – 5 star recruits
22 – 4 star recruits
31 – 3 star recruits
6 – 2 star recruits

Case in point, we need 5 star safety Von Bell more than Nick Saban needs him. Dooley must not have realized that Ridgeland High School is the old Chattanooga Valley High School and is spitting distance from the Tennessee state line. Bell, grew up a Vol fan and has withheld his commitment to allow bUTch Jones to recruit him to where Bell really belongs:  He belongs in Orange.

We need Bama’s leftovers.

Vol Deeper
I am a new writer here at LWS. I am VFL all the way the though!! I welcome all those in our Tennessee community here to share their thoughts on how well Coach Dooley is dominating the college football landscape, and how awesome the team looks. I can be reached at Vol_Deeper@loserswithsocks.com Follow me at @vol_deeper
Vol Deeper

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