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Nov 13

No Decision On Dooley, But Why Not?

During his Monday afternoon press conference, Tennessee Vols head coach Derek Dooley told reporters that Athletic Director Dave Hart hadn’t made a decision regarding his future. The fact that Dooley hasn’t already been fired has many Vols’ fans wondering how much more evidence Hart needs to make a decision. Putting aside all of the on-field …

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Jan 11

Tennessee taps that Kansas Ass

and destroys the now shamed public persona of UT = University of Tats. Playing with a depleted lineup,minus  four gang bangers of  Smith Williams, Tatum and Goins,   Tennessee beat #1  ranked  Kansas Jayhawk’s Rock Chalk ass.  My beloved Vols popped that Kansas anal cherry. Celebrating another huge hoops wion.  Kentucky is the next notch …

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Jul 27

Number 25

Quick, somebody throw up the “U”!! Hurricane commit kicked out of Gators camp for flashing the “U” – Oops!!! LB Dusty “Rhodes” Doe,arrested again. Gator Trifecta? Multiple arrests? check A starter? Check Suspended with a date with the “Leadership” committee? Check “Dustin had been suspended from team activities while resolving his parking-ticket issues and …

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May 29

#23 for Herban

23 “piss my pants” arrests under Herban’s  “watch”.  Alas, Two National Championships make it worth it.  Besides all of the other things that Gators truly hold dear (jorts, nat light etc…). It is all about:”National Championships.”  I am howling like  mike slive with jeremy foley’s fist inserted into my ass and working me like a …

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May 20

Scorched Colon

Monte Kiffin is a BAD Man

Memo to Monte:  Defense ain’t the problem in Knoxville.   Can you please  fix what remains  of the dynamic duo from the explosive  #117th ranked offense? Reading the interview  below, Monte seems to be the opposite of Lane, humble, reserved and careful with his words. – Your expert source for NCAA Football stats, scores, …

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