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Nov 13

No Decision On Dooley, But Why Not?

During his Monday afternoon press conference, Tennessee Vols head coach Derek Dooley told reporters that Athletic Director Dave Hart hadn’t made a decision regarding his future. The fact that Dooley hasn’t already been fired has many Vols’ fans wondering how much more evidence Hart needs to make a decision. Putting aside all of the on-field …

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Sep 19

Scorched Colon

Boom Hang 84 or Man up quitters

I have to say as a Vol fan I hope Florida dumps 84 points on Tennessee’s ass….. Maybe these half-ass-slacking playing starters will wake the hell up and earn some damn pride and play fricking football. I love the Lane Train but somewhere he lost his “pair” if you know what I mean. The last …

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Aug 10

LWS Exclusive: The “VOLS” from Neyland’s New Home!

This just in from a very, very deep source/mole inside the UT Athletic Department. This source is so deep, if the AD was a human body you’d have to stick an entire yard stick up someone’s ass to get to this source. So, this is some real shit. A lot of people have been wondering …

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Jul 13

Next Vol Beast-Studs?

Chase Rettig, beaststud, may not have MDVs, but he has Casey Clausen's Silicone Valley Damn Values...

As summer approaches and high schools start their spring practices, it’s time for some select beast-studs with extremely fluid hips to make a commitment, since some like to get that out of the way. After all, you can’t have things like college choices interfering with your beast stud enhancement training. So now that Tennessee has …

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Jul 06

Recruiting Thoughts from _Hyams

Bryce Brown is NOT visiting UT and my work on the radio sucks Donkey balls.

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