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Jan 06

Not even Pat White could help THE Fail

Pat has won 4 bowls, he has been a good daddy to the SEC, ACC and Big12.  As talented as he is I seriously doubt that he can fix the fail personifiied known as Ohio State.    Bless their hearts, they just suck and their fans are loud and proud why they suck. This must be …

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Sep 11

My thoughts on the Barn losing to a dominant Big East School

Sorry fellas, I would have loved to post yesterday, but I just hungover to post. I was out celebrating yet another BE win over an SEC school.  Numbers just don’t lie and the SEC folds like a cheap suit when facing BE power.  Just a few words on the Barn and USF game: That was …

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Aug 08

The Cupcake Report: Going Directional

It’s Wednesday, so this must be the Cupcake Report. Last week, I looked at the earliest games on the schedule. A handful of cupcake matchups fall on the final Thursday of this month, so we got those out of the way early. Now we head for September 1st, in which cupcake season gets underway in …

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Jul 24

Bottom Line on… LSU

Yikes. Those were my exact thoughts when I read Les Miles comments about USC and their schedule, comments that he has since backed down from. (Comments that may or may not have stemmed from residual bitterness over losing top Louisiana prospect Joe McKnight to Southern Cal). And probably wisely so. As good as the Tigers …

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Jul 11

New Rivialries? New fangled mind-control bullshit

George Bernard Shaw once wrote Reading made Don Quixote a gentleman. Believing what he read made him mad. Read the truth below and get pissed. We say that the “old-fashioned Rivalries” still beats the hell out of the new rivalries being pushed on us by the left wing drive-by liberal sports media puppets like Steve …

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