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Nov 13

No Decision On Dooley, But Why Not?

During his Monday afternoon press conference, Tennessee Vols head coach Derek Dooley told reporters that Athletic Director Dave Hart hadn’t made a decision regarding his future. The fact that Dooley hasn’t already been fired has many Vols’ fans wondering how much more evidence Hart needs to make a decision. Putting aside all of the on-field …

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Feb 08

EBJ Top Ten of the clASS

Tennessee had a hell of a haul this NSD.  It may not be a top 5 class like some were hoping. However we had plenty cards fall our way. DoolTabby earned respect of coaches in the SEC and elsewhere being able to hold together 8 Early Enrolees  and more than half  of the remaining recruits. …

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Jul 01

Heath Shuler’s Proxy

Special to the LWS ive known heath shular  for about 6 years now. I  trained my lab kemen at his house some and talk to him every now again on the phone. When I met heath i knowed that  he was a christian family oriented guy. I sit and gripe like any other on issues …

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May 20

Scorched Colon

Monte Kiffin is a BAD Man

Memo to Monte:  Defense ain’t the problem in Knoxville.   Can you please  fix what remains  of the dynamic duo from the explosive  #117th ranked offense? Reading the interview  below, Monte seems to be the opposite of Lane, humble, reserved and careful with his words. – Your expert source for NCAA Football stats, scores, …

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May 13

Scorched Colon

Tennessee adds some big recruits

I believed  in April that we were going to try real hard and secure some blue-chip D-Linemen.   This kid is one of those Greg Oden kids or even a Mean Joe Green kind of player.    DT Anthony Johnson is grown man that is will be 265 pounds of shit-your-pants when he gets to Knoxville. If …

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