Jan 09

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What is Coach bUTch Jones’s Stance on Dreads?

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Coach Butch Jones seems to be doing all of the right things. He is meeting former players mending relationships; assembling an unparalleled SEC coaching staff; taking recruits away from Vandy; and recruiting in-state players. (Vonn Bell? I’m looking at your 5 star ass….)

I sincerely hope that Coach Jones has the attention to the small details skills that former Vols coach Derek Dooley had.  Dooley had the players sheath their dreads in a condom-like device.  The rumor from the Hill was that Dooley hated free flowing hair over the back of the jersey.

Dooley reputedly remarked about Florida players grooming standards, ” All that hair reminds me of a sunny day in Jamaica, ninjas”. Before Dooley quit Tennessee he petitioned EA Sports requesting that they remove the hair feature simulation so that dreadlocks not be an option. If Coach Jones has any kind of balls in his sack, Jones must continue to champion Dooley’s crusade against dreads that flow freely.

 Coach Jones, please replace the malcontents who are leaving with some who can’t spell Tennessee, have basic English skills, and have sleazy tatts and dreadlocks,ok?

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