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A Creepy Open Letter to the Tennessee Volunteers

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On the eve of the 2012 Tennessee Vols opening game with the NC State Wolfpack (the reason behind The Grey photoshop), I present to you another open letter to the Vols. VFL, Y’all!!!
(More dynamic reading on Tennessee football message boards is here: How to E-Worship Tennessee Football: The Pros and Cons of Tennessee Football Message Boards ┬╗ Losers with Socks (LWS))

Goodness me.  This is a grown man wearing his heart on his sleeve:

I want you guys to know that you represent the hearts of all the folks across this great state and all of the Vol fans across the nation and they are definitely out there. When you run out of that Power T and Rocky Top starts playing, grown men get choked up and fight back the tears, tears of pride. The kind of pride that men feel for their very own sons. You come from all over the country but you are still OUR sons.

Every player on this team has suffered through the worst era in UT’s modern history. You have been the most maligned group of men in college football today. From having a legendary coach drummed out of service under your watch, to having Kiffen walk away, then build a fence around the state to harvest our best high school players, from you guys like you were some kind of rebound girl, a revolving door of coaches, to constant injuries and people making horrible decisions in their personal life. Your perseverance through all this is a testament to your character. A lot of players have left the program over the last few years. Lesser men quit when the chips are down.

Despite all that, this is your time. Tennessee’s time. You’ve put out the effort, put it the hours, suffered through heartbreaking losses, got the scars. You ARE battle tested. You deserve to be on top. You have quality coaches, SEC caliber players across the field, and depth to keep up for 4 quarters with anyone in the SEC. You are faster, better, and stronger than you know. Silence the disbelievers. Embarrass the pundits. Shut down the negative media chatter about the program by ripping everyone you play. Take out 4 years of frustration, pain, and suffering on everyone you touch on the field. Leave a legacy that you can be proud of. Above all things…….

Restore glory to the Tennessee program.

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