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Part 2: Who is behind the demise of Tennessee Football?

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Tennessee conspiracy theorists have looked to so many sources for who is the pulling the strings on the decline of Tennessee Football: Mike Hamilton, Dave Hart, Jimmy Cheek, Mal Moore, Penn Wagers, Brent Hubbs, Lane Kiffin, Phil Fulmer, Derek Dooley, Mike Slive, Nick Saban, the VolIlluminati….it is a list that   never ends.

When you peel back the layers of this stinky onion, and really analyze and study it, it really should be clear who is in the driver’s seat.

None of the conspiracy theorists want to admit it because the truth is so much more frightening to admit than a bunch of half-baked ideas.

The real master of Tennessee football is……..Nobody.

Nobody is at the controls of this out of control crazy train. The lights are on but there isn’t anyone home. There is no fricking master, Chancellor, Head Coach, Athletic Director directing secret shit or the fate of our storied program. Anybody that has spent anytime working in a bureacracy knows how this shit really works. Each minion on the Big Orange crazy train has carved out their own little fiefdom to work in, hiding as much if thie knowledge and small patch of authority from anyone and everyone that they can.

The football players and staff are just as clueless as anyone else. Take what you know about operating a loarge organization and expand that to the size of the Tennessee Athletic Department.

It’s not JUST the Tennessee football program. It’s not JUST the Alabama. It’s not JUST the SEC headquarters. It’s all of these and more, sometimes working toward the same goal, sometimes not. There’s infighting among them, even, because they don’t all see eye to eye. What it really narrows down to is human nature: the constant temptation to be selfish and get what you want at the expense of others, sometimes allying with others to help you out, sometimes betraying one another once the alliance has run its course.

That is what is happening and the sooner that you grasp what I am saying then that should scare the shit out of you.

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Scorched Colon
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