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Details on the Gruden takeover of Tennessee

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Derek Dooley and the Tennessee football program are under assault.

With ESPN firmly in Jon Gruden’s hands, unlimited money, and a final strategy to remove Derek Dooley from his position as the head football coach of the University of Tennessee. Jon Gruden may actually pull off this hostile takeover.

This is the first time in the storied tradition of Tennessee football that disgruntled “fans” and media interests have been so clearly and so perilously aligned.

Gruden has made it no secret that he owns land in Sevierville and that he is ready to reestablish his roots in Tennessee. It is also well documented that Gruden’s wife was a former Vol cheerleader and she wants to return home. The rub is that Dooley is an obstacle to Gruden’s dream of getting his wife back home. So this is where  Gruden’s PR team and the ESPiN enter the fray.

Disseminating useless statistics like this:

Tennessee has had 14 Opportunities to tie or take the lead (In the 2nd Half of Five SEC Game). They have failed to score in all 14. Not just do what it takes to tie or take the lead… score at all.

They have run the ball a total of 19 times during those drives.

They have passed the ball 37 times during those drives.

Those plays have gone for 12 first downs.

They have resulted in 6 turnovers.

Six of the drives resulted in 3 & Outs’.

Only two drives went for more than 1 first down.

The longest drive was 3:38 (final drive against USCe)

Average time of each drive was 1:47 (with the two final drives against USCe & UGA removed as outliers)

Sad, maybe. But not bad.

Not from a Tennessee football perspective. Not the way Dooley is “coaching them up” in 2012 – arguably the highest level we’ve seen the Vols play since 2005.

Dooley has pondered and stewed and concluded that, as monumental as the Vols ascent from the SEC East cellar has been, it may be all for nothing as Gruden wages a smear campaign from the shadows.

But the upside of Dooley’s football acumen is that he’s re-dedicated himself to coaching and the results have been nothing short of spectacular in 2012. He’s been a man on a mission, which is great news for Tennessee fans and bad news for Gruden.

History tells us it only gets better from here. After a less than forceful performance against Alabama, Dooley rallied the team to yet another respectably close defeat to South Carolina. Dooley at the helm in 2013, that’s an enticing prospect indeed. 

It’s going to be interesting to see how long Dooley can sustain his high level of performance for the rest of the season especially with the media and fans so united. Don’t be surprised if this will be Dooley’s last year.

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