Nov 20

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Did Dooley get fired or did he quit?

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Yes, Derek Dooley has been “fired”  as the head coach at Tennessee, and you have been prescribed a powerful antidepressant drug. I understand, for I am there myself. Depression is an illness, and it affects every part of your being: body, mind and spirit. And it does bring suffering.

Or did Dooley quit? Rumors from earlier in the season stated that Dooley tried to quit but AD Dave Hart convinced the popular young coach to remain “steady in the saddle”.

Now the rumors coming out of Knoxville  point towards Dooley quitting rather than being fired following the Vandy loss. Dooley’s abrupt resignation caught the UT AD office completely off-guard and behind the eight-ball  in the PR battle.

Dooley quit suddenly on Sunday after just three years at the helm.

Assistant coach Jim Chaney will step in as caretaker until a replacement is found.

Sources stated that Dooley did quit being the head coach after the pressure of the job started to affect his health and he realized he wasn’t the right man for the high-profile role.

Dooley said he had “not been feeling well for weeks” as he struggled to deal with the pressure and media spotlight associated with the role, all of it magnified due to the being unable to convince QB Tyler Bray that winning was really possible.

Bray continued to resist a winner’s mindset, “It’s real surprising,” junior quarterback Tyler Bray said after the Vanderbilt game. “I didn’t think we’d have a losing record. I thought we’d only lose a couple of games, maybe two or three, and we’ve been getting our butts kicked. It’s really not fun. “

“There’s a huge amount of pressure on this job and I think you have to be a certain type of person to take it on,” Dooley said.

“I don’t regret it but I don’t think I’m the right type of person.”

Dooley said he struggled with the off-field side of the job “I think it’s something that just builds up on you as an individual.

“That’s become a bit of weight on my shoulders to be honest with you and I probably haven’t handled it very well.

“The minute it started to affect me health-wise, that’s when I started to question it.” Dooley admitted after the loss to the Vandy he was feeling under pressure and he was also involved in a heated argument with fans, who criticized him for taking Bray out of the game in the first half.

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Vol Deeper
I am a new writer here at LWS. I am VFL all the way the though!! I welcome all those in our Tennessee community here to share their thoughts on how well Coach Dooley is dominating the college football landscape, and how awesome the team looks. I can be reached at Vol_Deeper@loserswithsocks.com Follow me at @vol_deeper
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