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Dooley: Will he stay or will he go?

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Sorry NegaVols. Gruden isn’t coming. BTW, I hope you break your wrist.

Is Derek Dooley eager to extend his contract as head coach of the Tennessee Vols? Jon Gruden talk is BS

The short answer appears to be a resounding yes.  And he won’t hesitate to answer the University of Tennessee’s request to stay. Hot seat be damned. 

The average fan simply doesn’t understand the complex machinations of college football.  It is probably best to leave football decisions to the experts.

Derek Dooley, arguably one of the college football’s best young coaching talents, seems determined to remain in Knoxville despite speculation that Dooley, who has coached  for the Vols  for three seasons, is attracting interest from the University of Georgia, Arkansas and an unspecified NFL team.  But such talk has been tempered in the knowledge the Coach Dooley has the Vols operating in scintillating form and a potentially top 25 Rivals.com recruiting class committed in his hip pocket, as usual.

Dooley’s contract with Tennessee ends in 2016, but reportedly he has no desire to represent another SEC school or jump to the NFL.

Headed into Saturday’s pivotal tilt with UGA for the top slot in the SEC East, the table-topping Volunteers continue to make ground off the field as well as on it,  with the  speculation that  a new contract for Head Coach Derek Dooley is being worked. 

Tennessee AD Dave Hart seems to hope that Dooley stays in Knoxville too.  

While on campus for the Akron game,  LWS was privy to reliable Athletic Department sources and chatter that strongly indicate that Hart hopes to secure a deal soon that keeps the catalyst of the Tennessee program a Vol past 2016.  (Disclaimer. In the past, we’ve been accurate on rumors such as both Kiffin hires, yes we were first, the Scotty Hopson commitment and Tyler Smith staying in school to name a couple.)

Internal correspondence leaked from the AD’s office reportedly stated, “He’s (Dooley) a terrific man, he’s a really good coach, has unlimited potential, he speaks well, always gets the best out of team, an elite staff, he’s demanding and willing to point the finger but he’s always at the front when you’re doing anything that’s tough.”

Publicly, here is what Dave Hart  saying about Coach Dooley and his seemingly unlimited future as coach of Tennessee:

“We’re better,” Hart says. “I have the opportunity to see it every day—to see the growth, to see the improvement. Most people obviously do not have that insight. I’m excited about the foundation that Derek has put in place. I feel very, very good about the staff that he’s built. … I’ve seen the chemistry of this staff at play, I have witnessed the ratcheting up of the intensity level, the expectations, the work ethic—it’s different, it’s different in a very positive way. So I think even though people don’t have that first-hand visible assessment that they can make, I think they’re sensing that.” [Mr. Positivity: UT Athletic Director Dave Hart » Metro Pulse]

Dooley, born and raised Athens Georgia before being drawn to play football at the University of Virginia where he was a first team academic All American.  Dooley first made his coaching name as an offensive guru at Louisiana Tech, where his teams dominated the WAC .

Dooley is in his third year with the Vols and, not surprisingly, reckons there’s no reason to contemplate leaving. Dooley is expecting a ride of comfort and stability no matter what happens this season.  Dooley will continue apply his will on the league for many years, with fully-installed schemes and four fully loaded  VFL recruiting classes chock full of  3 star  and ‘diamonds in the rough’ players waiting to join this 5 star coach.

As one insider told LWS that Dooley said, “I’m really excited. Really excited. It’s something that will be worked out in due course.  Why do it?  Because I l love it basically. I really love the coaching process of being involved with a team and I’m looking forward to being involved again … in a lesser role obviously.”

“I am having too much fun to go anywhere,” Dooley said.

“This is a great environment to work and coach in, and one that I am thoroughly enjoying – so why move?”

Our source confided a coach of Dooley’s stature, game experience and coaching ability would be welcomed with open arms. “If a guy like Derek Dooley is interested in staying in Knoxville then we would obviously be happy to have him.”

If the news of Dooley’s contract is true, Tennessee fans can exhale.  The Volunteer program can maintain stability with an incredibly hard-working coach with great values, so his re-signing would be good news for the returning  players and recruits all over the country. 


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I am a new writer here at LWS. I am VFL all the way the though!! I welcome all those in our Tennessee community here to share their thoughts on how well Coach Dooley is dominating the college football landscape, and how awesome the team looks. I can be reached at Vol_Deeper@loserswithsocks.com Follow me at @vol_deeper
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