Jan 03

Scorched Colon

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Florida Football Player responds to Chipper Jones

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chipper jones

Chipper Jones comments on Florida. He merely posted what everyone else is thinking about Florida:

@RealCJ10: Never seen a more undisciplined football team in my life. As a life long UF fan, that was embarrassing.

@RealCJ10: I can handle getting beat, but to show ur asses in front of the whole country? Sure hope the inmates ain’t running the asylum down there!

Inmate #1 responds
@Lpurifoy15: Chipper jones stick to baseball bro football isn’t your job straight up! Keep your comments to yourself or come put on some pads!! #lame

Scorched Colon
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  1. arrowflight

    Well, I AM a Florida fan and Chipper was spot on. Purifoy - don't add stupidity to a poor performance by trying to school Chipper. When you make the HOF, you can get mouthy. Until then, figure out how to cover a Louisville receiver.

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