Aug 08

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Fridays F. C. King Links

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Busted Coverage
– The world’s greatest volleyball tournament.
OverthePylon – There are Kentucky Football bloggers?  They preview the Vols
YMSSWC -  Classy and Traditional Bammers sentenced for inciting a riot w RTR
Cuzgoogle -  Navel or the Belly Button Day
On 205th – Mister Rogers scares the crap out of this blogger.
The Money Shot - Luck had everything to do with it.
Tasty Booze – Beer journalist hates The Dark Knight.
Hottest Girls of Myspace – This girl looks like a pornstar even though she is not.
Don Chavez – People with glass jaws should not start fights.
Flatusyahu – Eva Longoria is pregnant?
NextRound.net – Do you know how we know Tom Brady is gay?
Blog of Hilarity – A bunch of teen cheerleaders got stuck in an elevator.
The Angry T – Woman riding donkey fights off a lion.
Brahsome – Random rant of the day.
Banned in Hollywood – Five of the worst rebranding of products.
Uncoached – The people that piss you off the most at the gym.
Yep Yep – F-Bomb on ESPN.
Mac Gs World – Calvin and Jobs.
Derober – Britney Spears to play lesbian stripper in Tarantino flick.
Bright Black Internet – A really bad hair day for Mena Suvari.
Epic Carnival – Why should we care about U.S. women’s soccer.

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