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Marquez North welcome to WR U

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I am surprised the Volnation is not buzzing over the commitment of North:  6′ 3″ – 210 likely to fill out to 225 – Number 1 player from North Carolina – Number 2 WR overall.  This kid is a beast.  He looks like a stronger version of Justin Hunter. [ESPN 150 WR Marquez North heading to the SEC – ESPN}.  What are the NFL odds on Justin Hunter’s success in the pros?  Excellent I would say.

 North played behind a mediocre QB, so he spent a lot of time as TB in the wildcat.  He looks like the real deal.

Tennessee also is looking for a new quarterback. Former QB Tyler Bray decided to forgo his senior season to enter the NFL Draft.

Everyone thought he was North Carolina bound.  His high school is a mill for D1 players and a pipeline to NC.  Jay Graham kept at it, and he snatched him away from the home state Heels.  

Is this the first big get in a very strong close by Jones and Graham.  Jay just keeps factoring into the recruitment of many great kids.  Keeping Graham may be Jone’s best move as Head Coach.

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Scorched Colon
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