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Is Ridgeland’s Vonn Bell a Bama lock?

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Bell is hardly a lock to sign with Saban (and Bama). Who wants to go to Alabama and get lost in the shuffle of all of the other 5 star recruits? Butch Jones, Vols defensive staff visit Vonn Bell | timesfreepress.com 

Not Vonn Bell. 

Nick Saban walked into the pulse of the heartbeat of Tennessee football last week and created quite a stir. People were crying, vomiting, pooping and pissing  themselves.  This deeply religious community located right outside of Chattanooga certainly knows the difference between good and bad, based on the reactions described in this Deadspin article Robot Football Coach Nick Saban Graces Georgia High School With His Presence, High School Explodes With Sheer Joy.  

Saban is the opposite of good….whatever that it is.

It will be an uphill battle for Saban to secure the services of this Tennessee lock. Just look around, a signed photo from Fulmer on the wall? Bell is wearing a Vols fleece for goodness sake, a sure sign that Bell would rather be anywhere else than standing next to Saban.

I know for a fact that the guy on the left, Coach Mark Mariakas, has a diploma that reads the “University of Tennessee”.  Good luck Saban, Mike Slive and Penn Wagers can’t do a thing for you in this situation.


Scorched Colon
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