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The Vols road for Gruden runs through South Pittsburg

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South Pittsburg’s Grider resigns as Pirates coach | timesfreepress.com

It pains me, how blind some people are. Ranting and raving about conspiracies, little flights of fancy that the true controllers disseminate to keep the rabble amused. But none of you see. None of you understand. None of you strutting roosters knows the truth. You crow about the barnyard and scratch your lines in the dirt and all the while the farmer watches from his window, smiling at how small and ignorant you truly are. (Is Gruden still in play?)

Struggle! Awake! Lift the veil! Shall I shall you? Do you want to see?

I don’t have much time. South Pittsburg. You must start at South Pittsburg. That’s where it begins. Vic Grider. Jon Gruden.

Here’s where the code began.

At 1845, by Stephen Hargis. The same Hargis that broke the Gruden to Tennessee story.

Former Super Bowl winner Gruden mulls Tennessee Vols’ offer | timesfreepress.com

Do you see? Is it clear?

That. So innocent, right? So simple. NO! Lift the veil!

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Originally Posted by Volholic View Post
Here’s some info I gathered today:

A friend of mine that works for one of Allan Jones’s many businesses in the Cleveland area told me that she was told by her boss that Allan met with Gruden and his Agent yesterday. TIFWIW.

Also, I’m friends with a close associate of South Pittsburg coach Vic Grider. Grider stays in touch with Gruden since they coached together as GAs in the 90s at UT. Apparently, Grider asked Gruden about the UT and his response was that he couldn’t talk about it. Again TIFWIW but these are trustworthy people.

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The Vols road for Gruden runs through South Pittsburg, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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