Oct 15

Jai Eugene

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Sigh!!! The BCS ignores Tennessee….Again

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On Sunday the BCS released its first poll and Tennessee was overlooked once again by the drive-by-media.

Tennessee received zero votes in both this week’s coach’s and AP poll. At first glance it might look like these polls have forgotten the Vols obvious domination of North Carolina State, Akron and Georgia State.  Dooley could have ran the score up on these teams for “style points” but he has way too much class for that.  

This glaring omission is yet another step to make the college football world forget the football domination and prowess that Dooley and Tennessee possess.

There is a great day ahead for Tennessee and Derek Dooley. The future is on Dooley’s side. Right now it appears that he’s wandering in the wilderness, but the BCS Promised Land is ahead.

Brothers and sisters of the Big Orange Nation, I want to take just a few minutes to say three or four things  about this ‘omission’ by the BCS poll; it  reminds us of things and  it says to us — things that we must never forget as Tennessee and Derek Dooley are breaking loose from a weak Mike Slive,  a biased sports media, jealous coaches, and corrupt boosters;  that Derek Dooley is moving through this uncharted wilderness without a GPS towards the BCS promised land of where a powerful Tennessee football program once again reigns supreme.

Coach Dooley has something to say to us.

He says to us first that these sham polls never voluntarily gives votes to the oppressed. You have to work for votes. And if Dooley and the Tennessee football program does not stand up persistently, revolting against the BCS system, Tennessee football faces the reality of withering away, dying on the BCS teat.

Due credit and recognition for football excellence is never given to Tennessee,  for the system has us in domination because they plan on keeping us there, and they never voluntarily give it up. And that is where the strong resistance led by Coach Dooley comes. Puppet schools like Georgia, Alabama and Florida never give up their privileges without strong resistance.

Today awe and jealousy  of Tennessee and Dooley has turned into fear. This fear in turn spawned seditious acts against Dooley and Tennessee.

They use meaningless statistics such as wins versus losses to create an image, thinking that that image is going to hold Tennessee in check. You know why they always say Tennessee is down? ‘Cause they want Tennessee to be down.

So don’t go out today with any illusions. Don’t go back into your homes or offices around Knoxville, Bulls Gap or Dunlap thinking that the BCS Committee and that all of the forces that shape these “polls” will eventually work out this thing for Tennessee, it’s going to work out; it’s going to roll in on the wheels of inevitability. If we wait on Dooley and his “process” it will be worked out.

And when you and I here in Tennessee who have been awakened today look around us, we too realize Vols fans all have a common enemy, whether he’s in South Carolina or Alabama, whether he’s in Oregon or Gainesville. They’re all the same.

So far, they have controlled Tennessee, but they never incited Tennessee or excited Tennessee. They simply controlled Tennessee; they contained Tennessee; they kept Tennessee out of of the sham poll process and subsequently out of a really nice bowl bid.

There is a grass roots out there in the streets of Knoxville. It scares the SEC  and college football to death, scares the Alabama football power brokers to death;  when they found out that this Orange and White steamroller was going to come down on the SEC and the BCS, they called in Mal Moore; they called in Mike Slive; they called in these national left wing sports media that you respect and told them, “Call it off.”

Tennessee must remember that despite the sham rankings and the subversive acts of Tennessee traitors, there is no football team which surpasses the Vols and certainly no coach that is superior to Coach Dooley.

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Jai Eugene

Jai Eugene

No I am not the real Jai Eugene from LSU. Or as Jai is known at Tennessee as "the one that got away". I am retired Army Aviator that happens to have a blog that produces sometimes relevant Tennessee Vols content. Sure those dicks over DawgSports and the MGOBlog say we are a little "analysis challenged". Maybe it had something to do with me helping to defend their first amendment rights overseas while they were out shopping at the mall. Anyway, we have been around since 2006. Been mentioned in GoVolsxtra, Sports illustrated, ESPN, the Atlanta Journal and Deadspin to name but a few major left wing sports media that seem to think we do a pretty good job. If you have story tips, want to chat or advertise on the site contact me at loserwithsocks@gmail.com
Jai Eugene

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  1. Jammer

    Maybe if the Vols could beat someone of rank the BCS would stop ignoring you. Alabama isn't likely but maybe SC.

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