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Jai Eugene

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Dooley: I will not be defined by a trophy

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Following an off-season of criticism from so-called “experts”, Coach Derek Dooley sent a clear message to all those 55,000 orange clad fans on hand inside the Georgia Dome last Friday night, that he can turn “it” on at anytime he chooses. In the post game interviews Dooley challenged his detractors with this bold statement, “I will not be defined by a trophy, nor will I be defined by something that I don’t have either”.

CHILLS!!! No wonder players are willing to run through brick walls for this man!!

Coach Dooley, upon hearing these doubts, immediately set out to prove his critics wrong. His plan was to show the football world that not even a 4 point deficit Vegas spread to a talented WolfPack team could stop his team in the fourth quarter. [Vols Get Nearly Everything They Want Against the Wolfpack, 35-21]

So on a hot and steamy night inside the climate-controlled Georgia Dome, Derek Dooley, Corduroy Patterson, Tyler Bray, and a bunch of other dudes, demolished a ACC football team from North Carolina The Film Room: Tennessee Volunteers vs. NC State Wolfpack. Vols QB Tyler Bray spent the entire week enduring unfair comparisons of his maturity level, arm strength, accuracy, decision making as likened to his ACC QB ‘counterpart’, Mike Glennon. Glennon would later prove that he was unfit to carry even former Vol QB Jon Crompton‘s soiled NFL jock as Bray won both the stats and scoreboard battles and re-asserting himself as the premier Quarterback in America.

Heading into this game against NC State, the Vols were beginning a third consecutive losing season streak. Last year the Vols suffered close heartbreaking losses to Kentucky, Alabama, LSU, Arkansas and Florida in games that were decided late in the fourth quarter. Throughout the week preparing for NC State, Coach Dooley had been the focus by national sports media types, as defective in his ability to motivate his team to compete, and come from behind, in the fourth quarter of a close game.

I am not worried about our leadership for next year(s) at all. Dooley is as fine a leader as they come. It’s probably his best attribute, and he is already starting to embrace that role. He just has this firey swagger about him, which will always earn you the respect of your team….especially if you’re a Coach. I’m sure you noticed how confident he looks too, just from watching him against NC State, on the sideline with his polo shirt untucked and wearing Payless loafer wedges, calmly restoring the Tennessee franchise to blue-blood glory. I think Dooley is right for Tennessee. Perhaps he just needs time to build his team. We’ll be fine…

“Victory is sweet, and delicious like Chick-fil-A sandwIch.”

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Jai Eugene

Jai Eugene

No I am not the real Jai Eugene from LSU. Or as Jai is known at Tennessee as "the one that got away". I am retired Army Aviator that happens to have a blog that produces sometimes relevant Tennessee Vols content. Sure those dicks over DawgSports and the MGOBlog say we are a little "analysis challenged". Maybe it had something to do with me helping to defend their first amendment rights overseas while they were out shopping at the mall. Anyway, we have been around since 2006. Been mentioned in GoVolsxtra, Sports illustrated, ESPN, the Atlanta Journal and Deadspin to name but a few major left wing sports media that seem to think we do a pretty good job. If you have story tips, want to chat or advertise on the site contact me at loserwithsocks@gmail.com
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