Sep 06

Jai Eugene

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Thursday’s F. C. King Links

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What will Bill Curry do when Derek Dooley drops his first F-Bomb?
Southern Pride And The Southeastern Conference : NPR
Best End Zones in College Football?
I present to you: The Oregon Duck’s Cheerleaders before the Arkansas State game.
Washington Coach Steve Sarkisian had a 300 lbs Bengal Tiger outside the players locker room to give his team a sense of what they face this weekend against LSU [Video]
Classy: USC rescinded walk-on Will Andrew’s scholarship and gave it to Simione Vehikite, who was VERY recently released from prison (4 felony counts)
Vinnie Sunseri Third Down Stop against Michigan
Michigan St Coach Upset Over Tweets Following Michigan Loss to Bama
It’s Message Board Meltdown Time!
Doutzen Kroes: Victoria’s Secret Angel
miami-dolphins-cheerleader- calendar-release-party-on- hard-knocks/
the -50-hottest-pictures-of- girls- drinking-whiskey
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Jai Eugene

Jai Eugene

No I am not the real Jai Eugene from LSU. Or as Jai is known at Tennessee as "the one that got away". I am retired Army Aviator that happens to have a blog that produces sometimes relevant Tennessee Vols content. Sure those dicks over DawgSports and the MGOBlog say we are a little "analysis challenged". Maybe it had something to do with me helping to defend their first amendment rights overseas while they were out shopping at the mall. Anyway, we have been around since 2006. Been mentioned in GoVolsxtra, Sports illustrated, ESPN, the Atlanta Journal and Deadspin to name but a few major left wing sports media that seem to think we do a pretty good job. If you have story tips, want to chat or advertise on the site contact me at loserwithsocks@gmail.com
Jai Eugene

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