May 08

Jai Eugene

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Tuesday’s F. C. King Links

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Tyler Bray’s father says NFL draft was ‘brutal’
Peyton Manning coaches up the Tennessee Volunteers staff
Mike Strange: Butch Jones has turned team over to players
Mike Strange: Phillip Fulmer: SEC dominance began before seven-year title run
President Obama calls Michigan the “school up North” during Ohio State’s commencement
FSU 5-star LB wants out to sign with USC or Ga.
Shirley Phelps-Roper To Ole Miss
Recruiting Rewind: “God said ‘I want you to go to Ohio State’” | College Recruiting | www.ajc.com
Witten welcomes addition of Escobar [ProFootballTalk]
Fighting Irish will not lose a step in 2013 [Yardbarker]

Jai Eugene

Jai Eugene

No I am not the real Jai Eugene from LSU. Or as Jai is known at Tennessee as "the one that got away". I am retired Army Aviator that happens to have a blog that produces sometimes relevant Tennessee Vols content. Sure those dicks over DawgSports and the MGOBlog say we are a little "analysis challenged". Maybe it had something to do with me helping to defend their first amendment rights overseas while they were out shopping at the mall. Anyway, we have been around since 2006. Been mentioned in GoVolsxtra, Sports illustrated, ESPN, the Atlanta Journal and Deadspin to name but a few major left wing sports media that seem to think we do a pretty good job. If you have story tips, want to chat or advertise on the site contact me at loserwithsocks@gmail.com
Jai Eugene

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